Sean Khan
Yeah, I know what you are thinking, "His name rhymes!" I get that a lot! And no I have nothing to do with Star Trek! Although some call me Genghis and I even get Chaka every so often. That one baffles me!
Here is a little about me. I live in Bow, NH with my wife, Simone, and 2 dogs, Cali and Bella. Our pups are rescues from NYC. There is a picture of them here on my website. maybe you can find them? I am born and bread NH native. LIVE FREE OR DIE!
Photography has been a part of my life since High school. I started off like most photographers shooting for friends and family as a hobby. As I grew, I decided to try engagements and weddings. And now I can't get enough. Capturing special moments in peoples lives makes me so happy. I guess i am a sucker for a happy ending. 
So excited you found me! Thanks for checking me out! Please contact me with any questions you have.